Acceptance & Indemnity Form

RISK WARNING for the purposes of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW)
The practice of Aikido, like any combative art, designed to maim and injure, has an element of danger and unpredictability and thereby involves the possibility of serious and permanent injury to you or another person.

I recognise that I am not required to perform any techniques or participate in any practice that I consider to be unsafe, in which case I agree to notify the instructor immediately of my concerns. In consideration of the right to participate in this seminar programme, I acknowledge and agree to assume all of the risks inherent in such practice and to hold the organisations and people involved: the Takemusu Aiki Association Inc and APlus Pty Limited, and their instructors, servants and agents free from any and all liability, claim or demand, no matter how caused, whether by or through their negligence, for any injuries and/or expenses, and to indemnify them from any claim, liability or demand for loss of property or compensation for injury that I may make, arising from my participation in this seminar.

I have the following illness, disability or injuries that could place me at risk during the training: