Beginners Class in Aikido

Beginning at the start of each month, we provide The Aikido Beginners Course for any person who has not previously practised Aikido.

The course consists of four 1-hour lessons, one each Monday night for 4 weeks, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

After completing the 4-week course you will be able to join the Ku-ring-gai Aikido Dojo, and begin regular practise in the regular classes in both empty hand and weapon techniques.

Beginners learning Aikido at the Ku-ring-gai dojo, Sydney


A martial art, by its very nature, contains techniques designed to harm and injure. So the aim of the Beginners Course is to teach you fundamental survival skills so that you can engage in safe Aikido practice.  Over 4 lessons, you will learn the principles and be taught the basics of Aikido collaborative self defence.


The Beginners course is held each month for 4 consecutive weeks, generally from the first Monday of each month. The course fee is $80 (inc. GST) for all 4 lessons.

1. To enrol now and pay the course fee by credit card on-line, select the pink “course box” (below) for your preferred start date:

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2. Fees for the Beginners Course can also paid by direct deposit to APLUS BSB 032-007  ACCT 238106

3. Complete the Application and Indemnity Form and up-load the completed registration form

Beginners Class in Aikido 1

4. After registration, download and printout a copy of the Aikido Beginners Class programme:

Beginners Class in Aikido 2