The Club has an active and well-attended programme for girls and boys aged from 7 to 14 years of age. The Children’s class is held every Monday night, during school term from 6:45 to 7:45 pm.

Aikido is a modern martial art based upon principles of non-aggression, non-resistance, and non-competitiveness.  As well as developing their physical and emotional centredness the exercises and interpersonal practice of Aikido also gives children insight into the humanitarian and harmonising principles that underlie this art of Harmony.

The aim of the children’s class is to give children a practical understanding of techniques to protect themselves. The children’s programme has 6 levels of attainment over 6 years. Each December an annual grading is conducted to test their progress and a coloured grading rank is awarded.

The six levels are:  1st Yellow stripe, 2nd Yellow stripe, 1st Red stripe, 2nd Red stripe, 1st Navy stripe, 2nd Navy stripe. Each stripe is added to the next so that after a few years children can see their progress. This gives children a goal to strive for, and fosters their ongoing development towards more senior skills. At the end of the children’s six-year  program they are ready to graduate to the senior class as a number of students have done.

What do Kids learn?

The children’s classes are fun but emphasise practice of Aikido forms and a practical understanding of Aikido principles of self defence. Unlike senior practice, only basic forms of Aikido are taught. Harmful and dangerous techniques are avoided in favour of flowing, extending and energy directing movements. But children do tumbling and rolling practice and classes are interspersed with simple games to keep them interested and involved.

The children’s curriculum includes:
– Standing and turning movements
– Walking on the knees
– Exercises to stretch and twist the wrists
– Rolling – backward rolls and forward rolls. Rolling techniques are practiced to allow children to roll out of gentle throws.
– Basic Aikido empty-hand techniques from a seated or standing position

Empty-hand techniques aim to control partner by Positioning, Gripping, Wrist locks, Throwing. All empty-hand techniques are performed with a partner.

What we do NOT teach

We do not … teach children to punch or kick another child as a way of settling a dispute.

Many parents want their young children to learn techniques of self protection so that they will be more self confident, self reliant and better able to deal with ever present bullying at school. Aikido teaches effective collaborative methods of controlling aggressive behaviour that gives your child a way to preserve their integrity and stay safe.

We do not … “enforce discipline” or teach children in a rigid or automoton way.

In our practice we follow our principles. We work with your child, to follow their energy and divert them to safe and sensitive practice. Through their practice of Aikido they will develop “self discipline” and ways to control not only themselves but others.

Childrens Class Fees

The Children’s classes are held every Monday during the school term.

Fees are $150 per term, if paid at the start of the term or $20 per lesson, if paid on the day.  All students also pay an annual Association registration of $30 each year.

Want to Register your child?

  1. Complete the FORM by downloading the PDF registration and typing into the boxes and then sending the completed form by e-mail to
  2. Pay the Term fee plus the Registration fee of $150 by direct deposit to: APLUS Pty Limited, BSB: 032-007 ACCT NO. 23-8106 (Please include your name on the electronic payment).

Learn about the Dojo’s etiquette and procedures, read the Dojo Booklet