Traditional Aikido Vol.1-Basic TechniquesThis Seminar aims to teach all of the material in Saito Sensei’s BOOK 1 – BASIC TECHNIQUES over the space of a single weekend.  Originally published in 1972, this was the first technical manual produced by the late Saito Sensei 9th Dan.

BOOK 1 covers RIAI the combined Aikido System produced from the harmonious blending of ken (sword), jo (staff), tanken (knife) and tai-jutsu (body) techniques.

Saito Sensei’s teaching emphasis widely departed from that of other Aikido instructors and this was reflected in his first series of technical manuals.  A student of the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei) for 23 years, Saito Sensei became the custodian of the Ibaragi Dojo in Iwama Japan, O’Sensei’s personal dojo, on the Founders passing in 1969.

Because of his close association with O’Sensei, Saito Sensei was given a unique role as his training partner as O’Sensei re-patterned Aikido forms on an integrated understanding of weapons and body movements.

As explained in Book 1: “Where then does the difference exist between Aikido and other martial arts? First it is in the posture. When uke receives an attack, he must be standing in the back triangle. Second he must harmonise with the ki of his attacker. The incorporation of these two concepts makes Aikido unique.