We are the inheritors and custodians of the Founder’s Aikido practice from his personal dojo in Iwama, Japan. The practice was transmitted directly by O’Sensei to Saito Sensei 9th dan, to his student Takayasu Sensei 7th dan and by him to our chief Instructor, Derek Minus 6th dan.

It was at the Iwama Dojo that O’Sensei completed his assimilation of the various practices he had learnt into the form he called Aikido. The Daito-ryu jujitsu taught to him by his teacher Sokaku Takeda Sensei formed the basis, together with the weapon practices he had studied since his youth and revised and reinterpreted during his period living in Iwama, where he constructed a dojo and the only Aikido shrine in the world.

Our instructors have all trained in this tradition over many years. We are proud to maintain the original practice of Aikido as passed on by O’Sensei to Saito Sensei, his longest serving student and custodian of the Aikido Ibaraki Dojo and Aiki Shrine, in Iwama. We not only retain the techniques but also the method of practice which we have learnt in the Iwama Dojo directly from Saito Sensei.

In Australia, this practice has been continued by Saburo Takayasu 7th dan shihan, Saito Sensei’s only Japanese instructor, who is living in Sydney and his first student in Australia, Derek Minus 6th dan.