"Aikido, in its true Ki form, is a fierce art piercing straight through the centre of opposition."


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Why practice Aikido?

Aikido and a healthy active lifestyle go hand in hand. These days people do not just practise Aikido for self defence, although the techniques provide a highly effective regime for controlling violent people. Many students are drawn to Aikido's overall stretching, rolling and harmonious movement. From sitting to standing to controlled falling, practitioners are able to enjoy a full body "work-out" which stresses "extending energy", "relaxed exertion" and working physically with a "partner".

Parents who enrol their children, want them to learn non-aggressive ways of self protection that do not involve teaching children to hit or kick another child. Aikido students learn powerful harmonious ways to control aggression and bullying.

New members range in age from 7 to (almost 70). Many recent students in their earlier years did karate or kung fu. Now in their 50's and 60's they are interested to continue their training (often after a considerable gap in time) with a renewed focus on balance, breath and body awareness. Men and women both benefit from Aikido's intelligent, non-violent movement patterns.

The Ku-ring-gai Dojo has been active in the local area teaching Aikido for over 30 years. The Club and its members, provide expert instruction in Aikido, conduct seminars and give demonstrations (as far afield as Cowra each year for the Sakura Matsuri). And the members enjoy coffee and croissant at Pierre's Patisserie at Turramurra each weekend, after training.

The Aikido Club


Start the Year - Start Aikido (from 8 January for 4 weeks)

This year we are starting with a Beginners course. The Beginners programme is specially created for "new" students who want the learn the collaborative techniques of Aikido self defence.

With so many young people becoming the victims of needless violence we can show you how to defend yourself through awareness, appreciation of distance and appropriate techniques to pacify or control violent and aggressive people. Register Now

Beginners are Welcome

Beginners are Welcome

The first Wednesday of the month we run a special Beginners Class to introduce people to Aikido. Learn the basics of how to protect yourself using the way of Harmony.

The course fee is only $80 for the 4 week programme.

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Course for Women – who want to be safe.

Course for Women – who want to be safe.

This small stick weapons course is designed especially for women who want to protect themselves and not injure others.

This unique course will be held again in 2014 at the Aikido dojo.

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Children’s classes

Children’s classes

Do you want your children to learn techniques to survive bullying and school conflicts - powerfully and collaboratively?

We run a special class for children that teaches them safe, harmonious ways of dealing with conflict and aggression.

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We have an active program of training and special seminars throughout the year both in Sydney and visiting country NSW centres.

Check the Calendar for key dates in 2014 - the start of the next Beginners Course and the term dates for the Children's class.

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Corporate Aikido Courses

Conflict Connexus provides experiential courses in the Way of Harmony for corporations that want their staff to understand how to use Aiki Principles to resolve workplace conflict.

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